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What is North Texas Pain Recovery Center?

North Texas Pain Recovery Center (NTPRC) is dedicated to the rehabilitation of patients who have experienced debilitating injuries, including those suffering from chronic pain.  NTPRC understands that a chronic medical condition may become entwined with psychological, social, family, and occupational variables that significantly complicate treatment.   NTPRC addresses this with a multidisciplinary professional staff, drawing from the disciplines of medicine, physical therapy, psychology, and social work.

Our Mission:

The overall goal for treatment at NTPRC is functional restoration, moving the focus away from disability and pain to activities of wellness, personal productiveness, positive self-worth, greater enjoyment and management of life, and a return to gainful employment.  This is accomplished through a thorough assessment of the patientís strengths and deficits, followed by an individualized plan of treatment.   Patient progress is continually monitored and adjustments to the treatment plan are made as needed. 

Contact Information:

North Texas Pain Recovery Center (NTPRC) was founded in 1992.   The clinic is located at 6702 W. Poly Webb Rd. in Southwest Arlington, within easy walking distance to Lake Arlington.  NTPRC occupies over 8300 square feet of a 14,000 square foot facility that it owns. 

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